America has always been a beacon of liberty and civil justice, supported by the strongest and finest military in the world. Our troops answer every call and make great sacrifices to protect our nation. I was raised in a military family and know the sacrifices our veterans and their families make for our country. That’s why when I was elected to Congress, I immediately asked to sit on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee in order to serve the over 48,000 veterans who live in Ventura County. As Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Health, I have been working on issues important to our nation’s servicemembers and veterans, including timely access to quality health care, improving the veterans’ claims process, and making sure we hold the VA accountable for providing the care our veterans have earned and deserve.

I will continue the fight to make sure Ventura County’s veterans and their families have access to the services they need, including quality health care, housing, job assistance, and education. For their service, we owe our veterans a solemn debt, and they must not be forgotten as they transition back into civilian life.

“Julia Brownley is an effective champion for veterans, and stands up to the Washington politicians and bureaucrats to fight for us.” – Johnny Lewis, disabled Gulf War veteran

Job Creation

As Ventura County’s Congresswoman, I look at everything I do through the lens of how it will create jobs and grow our economy here at home. From our port, to our large and small businesses, to our naval base and agricultural community, I work every day to advance federal policy that will support our diverse economy. I have also advocated for strategic investments in infrastructure, as well as new innovations and energy technologies to create jobs of the future. Small businesses are the backbone of Ventura County’s economy, and I believe that we should break down barriers and help provide access to capital for small business job creators so they can hire more workers, compete in the global marketplace, and thrive as a critical component of Ventura County’s economic future. I was very proud to receive the 2014 Congressional Rising Star Award from the Small Business Council of America for my work supporting small business owners and for sponsoring the Innovation, Research, Manufacturing and Investment Act that would make the R&D tax credit permanent, allowing small businesses to utilize the credit with more flexibility.

Julia received the Small Business Council of America’s 2014 Congressional Rising Star Award, in recognition of “the strong leadership she has demonstrated in her first term in Congress.”

Energy & the Environment

We must protect and preserve our environment for future generations, and that requires careful stewardship of our precious natural resources. Environmental protection is also key to growing a vibrant 21st century economy. I have been a staunch advocate for moving us away from our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil and have supported efforts to cut our greenhouse gas emissions. We must also become energy independent and make strategic investments in clean, renewable, and sustainable energy right here at home. I will continue to fight for the protection of our coastlines and open spaces, as well as a healthy environment for Ventura County. I have been and will continue to be deeply involved in cleaning up chemical and radioactive contamination at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and at the former Halaco metal smelting facility to better protect the health and safety of our community.

“The Sierra Club’s National Political Team and the Los Padres Chapter are pleased to support your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting America’s environment.” - Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

Health Care

I strongly believe that every American deserves access to affordable, high quality health care. Whether that means improving care at the VA, protecting Medicare for our seniors, or improving the Affordable Care Act so that it works for more Americans, the ultimate goal must be to increase access to quality care while reducing the cost to middle-class families. I will continue to fight to protect important protections for women and their families and will work to reduce the cost and improve the quality of health care, hold insurance companies accountable, and ensure that individuals and their doctors are in control of their own healthcare decisions.

Standing up to Washington Politicians

As a new member of Congress, I have seen just how broken Washington is, and I am fed up with politicians who put themselves before our country. During the government shutdown, I refused to accept my pay - donating it to a local veterans’ charity instead. I have opposed Congressional pay raises and continue to fight to suspend pay for Congress until a budget is passed.

I am deeply concerned about the current campaign finance system, because I don’t believe corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. In Congress, I have co-sponsored several constitutional amendments that would reverse the Supreme Court’s misguided Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions. When I was in the California Assembly, I championed campaign finance reform as author of the California Disclose Act that would require the top donors of political advertisements for candidates and initiatives to be clearly identified on all mediums of political advertising, whether TV, radio or print. This is common-sense legislation that will allow voters to be better informed about the information they receive. I am working to create the same transparency on a national level as a co-sponsor of the federal DISCLOSE Act.

“Brownley donates salary from shutdown to veteran causes,” The Ventura County Star, 12/21/13


There is no doubt that our immigration system is broken and needs a common sense approach that includes an earned pathway to citizenship. I believe we must update our laws so that they balance legal immigration with more effective measures to protect our borders. Immigration reform must reflect our values as a nation, which includes keeping families and communities intact. We must also ensure that immigration reform protects America’s economic vitality and competitiveness. All across Ventura County, from our farmers to our farmworkers, from our manufacturing industries and from our hi-tech and bio-tech employers, the call for comprehensive immigration that would strengthen our economy is unanimous.

I also strongly support the DREAMers—young people brought here by their parents who know no other home than America. Many have completed high school or are pursuing college degrees. Many have also served in our military. I believe that it is wrong to punish these children for decisions made by their parents, and I believe it is critical that these children be given the opportunity to give back to our economy and society by reaching their full potential.

Women and Families

I am proud to be a strong advocate for Ventura County’s women and families. In Congress, I have fought to require insurance companies to cover women’s health services and include contraception and cancer screenings in their coverage. I’ve earned a 100% lifetime score from Planned Parenthood for fighting to protect a woman’s right to choose and I will continue to advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. And that’s why I’m supported by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Ventura County Women’s Political Council, and the National Organization for Women

I also co-sponsored the Fair Minimum Wage Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act and advocated for changes to make the tax code fairer for working families. Women must receive equal pay for equal work, and a fair increase in the minimum wage will help families meet basic needs while strengthening our economy

“You have been a strong supporter of women’s health and we know you will continue to be a dedicated advocate.” - Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Action Fund


I have dedicated my career to improving our K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and vocational and technical schools, because I believe in a brighter future for California’s kids. I first got involved with education as a local PTA leader when my children were young and continued as an elected School Board Member for 12 years, and I proudly served as the California Assembly Education Chair for 4 years. As Chair of the California Assembly Committee on Education, I championed legislation to improve curriculum frameworks, improve standards for math and language arts, raise California’s standards for biliterate students, promote music and the arts, and ensure professional development opportunities for California’s teachers.

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I have introduced legislation to encourage schools to recognize biliteracy, which is a critically important skill that will help these students find jobs with California businesses looking to compete and succeed in the global economy.

I have also introduced the American Manufacturing Jobs for Students Act, legislation to provide career education and counseling about local manufacturing jobs for middle and high school students. We need to provide the resources to help connect students with 21st century careers at businesses right here in Ventura County. This bill is a critical first step toward ensuring that students know more about job opportunities close to home and providing businesses the help they need filling in-demand jobs with local workers.

Julia is supported by the California Teachers Association, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Stan Mantooth, and local school board members from across Ventura County


I will always keep our country’s commitment to today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. Balancing our budget does not mean doing so off the backs of America’s seniors, who have paid a lifetime into Medicare and Social Security. I will vigorously oppose proposals that unfairly target seniors, who have played by the rules and worked for the benefits they have earned.

Social Security is an American success story and part of the fabric that safeguards economic security and independence for seniors and the disabled. I will also strongly oppose Republican proposals to end the Medicare guarantee, which would drastically reduce benefits and cause health care and prescription drug costs to skyrocket. I am absolutely committed to protecting and preserving Medicare for all beneficiaries. Approximately 50 million Americans rely on Medicare, so it has to work.

“Julia Brownley has been a champion for seniors. She’ll protect Medicare and Social Security for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors.”- Hank Lacayo, President of the California Congress for Seniors